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WELCOME, one and all to the new and improved Animated Heroes website. It has been YEARS since I've been able to access and update this website, but now I'm back and am looking forward to some real and exciting updates. This website (until very recently hosted here) will prove to be (hopefully) a helpful source of images and information about your favorite animated heroes! This page is based on the original Animated Heroines page, by Belle83210, and many thanks to her (it was her page that sparked the inspiration to start a heroes page!). Be sure that you visit her page, if you haven't already been there! At one time I also started to create an Animated Villains homepage (Link currently unavailable), but that has been lost to the void of cyberspace. This website is image intensive, so it may take you a while to get through it if you're on a slower connection, but I'm sure you'll find something that makes the wait worth it. If you would like to advertise for on your website, click here for banners and instructions. Be sure to scroll down and sign the guestbook while you're here as well.

As someone whose collegic study has been that of animation, I've spent many hours watching and analyzing animated films (it can get rather taxing... can't I just watch a movie without thinking about every little thing already???), so I'm going to provide a little insight and analysis about each character and the film in which they star.

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It's more than a little obvious that I'm quite enamored of the Boy Who Lived and the woman who created him... Anyway, enjoy!

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