Balto is the hero of the movie of the same name (1995).

Balto is based on the true story of a dogsled team that brought hope and healing back to the small town of Nome, Alaska in 1925. Balto is, quite literally, an underdog. He's half husky, half wolf, and in the the canine society of Alaska, that's a racial combination equal to a social death sentence. He's often the brunt of jokes and his worth is threatened regularly because of his heritage. Balto's spirit is publicly ignored based on his breeding. He's a social outcast, but finds friendship from Boris, a goose with a heavy Russian accent, Muk & Luk, a couple of roly-poly polar bears, and the object of his affection, the sleek and classy Jenna. The big dog in town, Steele, also has his eye on Jenna, but she's not interested in his ego or his accomplishments in the least.

When a diptheria epidemic sweeps the town, several children are infected, including Rosie, Jenna's owner. All routes to hospitals and areas where supplies could be sent are blocked by a fierce snowstorm, and the only way to retrieve the medical supplies is a dogsled team, led by Steele. Balto, Jenna and Boris follow them, hoping to help the team reach their destination, and when Jenna is injured, she urges Balto to go on without her. When Steele leads his team astray, Balto steps in, and Steele, insanely jealous, fights with Balto, resulting in himself being throws off a cliff. Balto manages to lead the team safely to the supplies, but finds Steele has put a wrench in the gears, ruining the system of directions Balto had devised to find his way back. Balto feels lost and frustrated, but when he's visited by a legendary White Wolf, he embraces his heritage, regains confidence, and is able to lead the team find the way back to Nome with the anti-toxin, saving all of the infected children.

Balto is voiced by Kevin Bacon.

Balto can be found in not only his film, but in the two (count 'em, TWO) sequels.

Jenna (voiced by Bridget Fonda) is able to see past Balto's rough exterior and his mixed breeding to the spirit and heart inside, and they find an irresistible connection between them.
The proud and well-bred Steele is in practically every way the anti-Balto, everything that Balto isn't. He's arrogant, imperialist, and breeding is pretty important to him. Steele will go to any lengths to disprove Balto's worth as a sled dog, or the object of Jenna's affection. He tries to turn the town against Balto when he returns alone, claiming that Balto wanted all the glory and to lead the team astray, but the dogs in the town are convinced of Balto's noble intentions when he returns with the anti-toxin.
I saw Balto for the first time in high school, and I was enchanted from the start. There's something really romantic and exciting about the adventure, and the characters are immediatly intriguing. Balto is a great sympathetic character, strong, but tormented by his own identity, someone many viewers could relate to. The character animation is strong, the design is different and interesting, and the message is one of identity, optimism and sacrifice, as well as relying on who you are.

Pictures of Balto, the Wolf Dog

Balto has good friends in Boris, and Muk & Luk, the polar bears (who can't swim and are terrified of the water...)

Balto falls hard for the beautiful and sleek Jenna.

Balto's nemesis is the proud and vicious Steele:

This tribute the to the real Balto, a husky, is located in Central Park in New York City. The Iditirod Dog Sled race follows the very path that Balto and the others took to this day.

Quotes from Balto:

Balto: Gloomy? You kiddin'? It's the most beautiful spot in the world. Dogs travel for years just to be right here.
Jenna: I can't see why.
Balto: That's cause you're looking at the bowl half empty. See, this is the polar icecaps.
Jenna: Balto those are broken bottles, and they're not half empty, they're all empty.
Balto: The sun...
Jenna: Balto...
Balto: ...and to the north..
Jenna: The Northern Lights! Balto you were right. It's beautiful."
Balto: Yeah, beautiful.

Balto: Big paws run in my family, at least one side of my family.

Balto: Since when do you need a pedigree to help someone?

Balto: [leading Jenna through boiler room] Stick close.
Jenna: No problem there.

Balto: Boris, I know you think this trip is crazy, but I'm glad you came.

Balto: Boris, did you ever consider that you're the reason the other geese fly South?

Balto: How sweet, uncle Boris!

Boris: Every time there is a race, you run around like you're in it!
Balto: And one day I will be.

Balto: I'm beginning to see that there isn't anything you can't do.

Balto: Better not talk to me Jenna, I might turn on you.

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