Gleaming in the moonlight
Cool and clean and all I've ever known
All I ever wanted
Sweet perfumes of incense
Graceful rooms of alabaster stone
All I ever wanted

This is my home
With my father, mother, brother
Oh so noble, oh so strong
Now I am home
Here among my trappings and belongings I belong
And if anybody doubts it
They couldn't be more wrong

I am a sovereign prince of Egypt
A son of the proud history that's shown
Etched on ev'ry wall
Surely this is all I ever wanted
All I ever wanted
All I ever wanted

All I Ever Wanted

Moses is the hero of The Prince of Egypt (1998).

This beautiful film follows the Biblical story of Moses from his birth, rescue, and life as a son of Pharaoh to his devastating realization of his bloody heritage, leading him to flee from Egypt. While a prince, Moses is confronted by a slave girl claiming to be his sister, and that Moses is the deliverer of the Hebrew slaves. He throws her off, but Miriam chastises him, telling him to ask the man he calls father. When Moses discovers the truth, he knows he has to leave. He comes across a Midianite camp, let by the high priest Jethro, and finds his beautiful, feisty daughter, Tzipporah, is a girl he severely insulted while he was a prince. Eventually their relationship warms as he's been infinitely humbled, and she realizes his heart is genuine and pure. He joins the camp as a shepherd, and one day, following a stray sheep, he sees a bush, burning and not consume. He hears the voice of God, and is commande to free the Hebrew slaves from Egyptian bondage. Moses is hesitant, sure he's not the right man for the job, but God assures Moses He will be with him. Tzipporah joins him in his quest to fulfill God's commandments, but finds Rameses, while happy to see his long-lost "brother", is hard of heart, conditioned to believe that his legacy is remembered by his sternness and accomplishments. His way of life would crumble should he free the slaves, so he refuses to let Moses's people go. God causes many plauges to come upon Egypt, the last of which being the death of all the firstborn Egyptian sons, in a cruel twist of fate, as Rameses's father had ordered the extermination of all of the Hebrew first-born sons, an order that should have killed Moses. Rameses relents, and Moses leads his people on a victorious Exodus out of Egypt. When the meet the Red Sea, they're surprised to find Rameses, furious and hurt, leading an army, with orders to execute all of the Hebrews. Moses steps forward, the the power of God parts the waters of the Red Sea, allowing the Hebrews to cross safely, and crashing down behind them over the Egyptian soldiers. Moses feels sorrow for his brother's suffering, but followed God's commandments, and in the final scene, is seen descending Mount Sinai with the tablets containing the Ten Commandments.

Moses is voiced with appropriate depth and gravity by Val Kilmer, and his singing voice is provided by Amick Byram.

Moses finds his love in Tzipporah, the daughter of the Midianite chief Jethro. Incidentally, Tzipporah was "given" to Moses some time earlier, as a gift from the high priests of Egypt, Hotep and Hoy. Fiery as the girl is, she refused to be given to anyone, and managed to escape. Tzipporah is voiced by the beautiful and talented Michelle Pfeiffer.
One of the most complicated hero/villain relationships in history, Moses finds himself up against not only the most powerful man in Egypt, but his brother, Rameses. Rameses' pride and ambition will not allow Moses' quest to free the Hebrew slaves.
My personal thoughts and analysis...

This is easily one of the finest films ever made, animated or otherwise. Almost perfect on every single level, this is a stunning study of character, theme and tone. It has an element of realism and maturity, but stays engaging and sometimes humorous. The conflict between Moses and Rameses is powerful and poignant, and the relationship that grows between Moses and his sister Miriam is beautiful, incorporating wonderful themes about destiny and faith. The acting, the voice performances, absolutely stellar. This film, technically, artistically, musically, animation-wise, and in almost every element, is just spectacular. What else can I say? 10/10.

Pictures of Moses

One of my drawings of Moses:

Quotes from Moses

Moses: Let my people go!

Moses: Is this where you found me?

Moses: So everything I thought, everything I am, is a lie.

Miriam: Moses, hear what I say. I've been a slave all my life. And God has never answered my prayers until now. God saved you from the river, He saved you in all your wanderings, and even now, he saves you from the wrath of Pharaoh. God will not abandon you. So don't you abandon us.

Rameses: Come on, Moses, admit it. You've always looked up to me.
Moses: Yes, but it's not much of a view!

Rameses: The "weak link in the chain." That's what he called me.
Moses: Well, you are rather pathetic.

God: (whispering) Moses...
Moses: Here I am.
God: Take the sandals from your feet, for the ground on which you stand is holy ground.
(Moses does so)
Moses: Who are you?
God: (loudly) I am that I am.
Moses: I don't understand.
God: I am the God of your fathers: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
disembodied voices in the background: (Miriam) "You were born of my mother, Yocheved. You are our brother!"
Moses: What do you want with me?
God: I have seen the oppression of my people in Egypt and have heard their cry for deliverance. disembodied cry of slaves and sound of whips) So I shall stretch out my hand and lead them out of Egypt. I will lead them to a new land, a better land, a land flowing with milk and honey. And so to free them, unto Pharaoh I shall send... YOU.
Moses: Me? W-who am I to be sent? They won't follow me, they won't even listen to me.
God: I shall teach you what to say.
disembodied voice: (Moses) "Let my people go!"
Moses: But I was their enemy. I was who they hated. You must understand! You've chosen the wrong messenger! How can I even talk to them? How can I even speak to them?
God: WHO MADE MAN'S MOUTH? WHO MADE THE DEAF, THE MUTE, THE SEEING OR THE BLIND? DID NOT I? NOW GO! (soothing) Oh, Moses, I shall be with you when you go to see the king of Egypt but Pharaoh will not listen. So I shall stretch out my hand and smite Egypt will all my wonders! Take the staff in your hand. With it, you shall do my wonders! (whispering) I will be with you.

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