This is the Fanart section! This page will include fanart of our favorite heroes, made by you and me, the fans! Send me your submissions, and, after placing it through a short process of scrutiny, will decide if it will be displayed here! You are welcome to submit more than one drawing, and if I post it here, I will include a link to your website, gallery, or email address if you like. If you don't want any of these to be displayed, I will only display a name of your choosing. Alternatively, if you have a banner you would like to use, I would be glad to post it under your art as well.
First, for a few of mine! (Hey, I'm the webmaster, I'm allowed to post my own, right? :) )

Drawings by Drew Graham

Again, email me with your submissions, and we'll have a great gallery up here in no time.

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